Friday, March 12, 2010

Nailing it Down

So in my move for a stronger position in the direction of Architect, I have become the Tools librarian at our company. In my exploration I've seen a number of sites that were created to do just this sort of thing. As if many developers in passing have made attempts to consolidate information somewhere.

About three years ago I began to get frustrated with the numerous sharepoint sites and wiki sites dedicated to organizing information that I did exactly the same thing.

Every time I got frustrated with the lack of information on tips I've done before I would put this information somewhere. It just wasn't the same somewhere. I have a Google site, a Google journal, the wiki site from work and apparently this blog. Well I'm done, I'm nailing it down.

I'm here on the blogger for now. Look here for info on ColdFusion, .Net and maybe some Gaming comments. I've read a friends blog and it seems he didn't stop being who he was just because he's a professional and I don't intend to either.

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